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PVC Green(Medium Duty) Suction Hose

Suction hose-pipe is one of the most important 'Life Line' for..
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PVC( Heavy Duty )Grey Suction Hose-Pipe

It is successfully used in heavy industries like petrochemicals oil..
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PVC Reinforced Duct Hose – Pipe

Duct hose-pipes are very flexible & light weight..
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PVC Nylon Braided Hose – Pipe

Braided hose-pipes are the most trustworthly hoses available..
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PVC Water Garden Hose – Pipe

PVC water garden hose-pipes are ideal for all gardening & water delivery..
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PVC Nylon Braided Welding Hose Pipe

Welding hose-pipes are tough but flexible,fail-proof hose-pipe..
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Super Spray Hose - Pipe(Yellow)

Super spray hose-pipe(yellow), With Korea Technology..
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High Pressure Power Spray Hose

High pressure spray hose, With Korea Technology..
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Canvas Flat hose with Rubber Lining for Water Deliver

The hose has a polyester jacket and rubber lining..
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PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose

PVC Hose with steel wire reinforced is very flexible and transparent..
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PU Hose With Rigid Helix Additional Antistatic

Outer bore of ehter based PU ( Polyurethane )and Spiral made of HPVC welded..
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Silicon Neoprene Hose

Double Layer Silicon/Neoprene Hose are made of ..
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PU Duct Hose Pipe

We have PU Hose also in wall thickness of 1.2mm & 2.5mm...
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TPR Hose with PP Coated Steel Wire Reinforced

We brought new product of TPR hose with PP coated steel wire..
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PU Hose With Rigid Helix

Outer bore of ehter based PU ( Polyurethane )and Spiral made..
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Silicon Neoprene Hose
Product Specification

        DOUBLE LAYER SILICON/NEOPRENE HOSE are made of silicon / neoprene-coated glass-fiber fabric with inner hidden steel spring spiral and outer glass fiber cord.They are universally used for hogh-temprature but low-pressure applications.Good flow characteristics due to additional interior lining.They can be laid in closest areas(small bending radious),are kink-proof,very flexible and light weight. Made in Europe.


Ceramic Industries, Printing and Plastic Industries specially in high Temprature blower Application for the exhaust of cold/hot air, gas, smoke and chemical fumes. Lightweight, smooth interior. Hot-air hose for granulate dryerrs,aircraft construction and astronautics, mechanical engineering, armored(militry) hot air and cry engineering, chemical industry, drying technology.


Standard Length: 4 meter size(14mm to 300mm)

Temprature Range:

For Neoprene Hose: -50 C to +150 C

For Silicon Hose: -55 C to +300 C