Rolytek Industries

Welcome To Rolytek Industries

ROLYTEK GROUP OF COMPANIES,Achieving Perfection in everything we undertake, with a commitment to excel. Transforming every challange into an Opportunity, seizing every Opportunity for Growth....With a human face.

The Company was envisaged and incorporated by a sincere visionary who possessed the crystal clear vision and foresight to establish, nurture and carry forward a commitment in business administration, basically for the manufacture and marketing of HOUSE-PIPE. Achieving "Prime Quality" has been our main motto. Modestly speaking we have thrived on it and sincerely owe our success to it.


   Our Products

PVC Green
( Medium Duty )
Suction Hose
  PVC ( Heavy Duty )
Grey Suction
  PVC Reinforced Duct
Hose – Pipe
  PVC Nylon Braided
Hose – Pipe
  PVC Water Garden
Hose – Pipe
PVC Nylon
Braided Welding
Hose Pipe
  Super Spray
Hose - Pipe
( Yellow )
  High Pressure
Power Spray Hose
  Canvas Flat hose
with Rubber Lining
for Water Deliver
  PVC Steel Wire
Reinforced Hose
PU Hose
With Rigid Helix
Additional Antistatic
Neoprene Hose
  PU Duct
Hose Pipe
  TPR Hose with
PP Coated Steel Wire
  PU Hose With
Rigid Helix